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Interactive Visualization of Big Networks under Constraints of Importance (Wissenschaftliches Teamprojekt)

A lot of research involves the evaluation of network or graph structures. Especially when evaluating semantic networks, it is important to be able to get an overview and still be able to assess details. A lot of existing programs are built for small networks only and do not support users in understanding bigger structures. This is for example important, if a company provides a taxonomy for their working area, but this taxonomy is too big to be looked at all at once. Additionally, not all users are interested in the same manner in the content of the taxonomy, since they may work only in a specialized field or area. They still need to be able to get the full picture, but may want to define certain parts of the network as more important that others. These definitions could be seen as constraints, that are introduced not only on a visual but also contextual level. It would be therefore interesting, how these constraints could be defined, what kind of constraints are actually helpful and how they could be visualized in a wholesome system. In this project, such a system should be designed and implemented, which can load different network structures via an interface, visualize these networks in different ways (from an overview to a specific view) and let the user define constraints for these networks. Since these networks (especially in the sense of taxonomies) can change quite frequently, a support for visualizing changes between versions of the same network would be helpful to add.



Betreuer: Marcus Thiel


Letzte Änderung: 01.09.2017 - Ansprechpartner: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Nürnberger