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Data & Knowledge Engineering Group

The main focus of the research group Data & Knowledge Engineering is the development of methods for interactive information retrieval and exploration. Besides the design of adaptive user interfaces, one research topic is the development of methods to adapt a retrieval system dynamically to the needs and interests of the user. This involves the development of methods, that monitor and analyse the behaviour of individual users to obtain information about their needs and interests. This information will be used to reorganise the structure and the presentation of the considered document collection and search results in order to support users individually. In our offered courses we convey students a basic introduction in used technologies and offer manifold possibilities for collaboration in current research projects.

Knowledge Journey on IdeenExpo 2015

30.06.2015 - The DKE group presents the exhibit “Your Knowledge Journey” for young users within the IdeenExpo 2015 exhibition dedicated to the topics "Natural Science" and "Technology". You are welcome to visit the exhibition and try out various exciting exhibits yourself.

SDA 2015 - International Workshop on Semantic Digital Archives

22.05.2015 - You are invited to participate in the upcoming 5th International Workshop on Semantic Digital Archives, to be held as part of the International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries (TPDL 2015) .

Dissertation Defence Tatiana Gossen

14.05.2015 - On 13.05.2015, Tatiana Gossen has successfully defended her dissertation with the topic "Targeted Search Engines for Children: Search User Interfaces and Information-Seeking Behaviour".


Dissertation Defence Jöran Beel

18.03.2015 - On 17.03.2015, Jöran Beel has successfully defended his dissertation with the topic "Towards Effective Research-Paper Recommender Systems and User Modelling Based on Mind Maps".


CeBIT 2015

29.01.2015 - The DKE group presents exhibits at CeBIT 2015. Our exponats are called "[in]4s" and "Explore, Discover and Connect IS". We show systems and algorithms that support users in exploring large information spaces and gaining new insights.

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Further information about the degree program Data and Knowledge Engineering can be found here.