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CARSA - A Context Adaptive Retrieval System Architecture

CarsaInformation retrieval systems serve as mediators between the user interests on one side and the raw text or multimedia data stored in data collections on the other side. However, current retrieval systems hardly consider the background knowledge of a user or the context he is searching in. For example, web search engines provide the same results to every user, neglecting his interests or the way he is used to sort and structure information. CARSA is a web services based architecture, which supports the development of context based information retrieval systems. The idea of these systems is to support a user in his search process by, e.g., adapting the search results as well as the interface itself to user specific needs and interests.

CARSA's data and programm structure was designed based on web services and XML. This allows to easily integrate and combine different methods to search data locally or on the web (meta-searcher functionality), to modify or categorize search results, and to develop visualization methods on diverse clients (e.g. desktop PCs or mobile devices). In addition, CARSA contains a testing environment for evaluating single methods, e.g. classification or clustering methods, or their combinations with standard performance measures on benchmark data sets.

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