Data & Knowledge Engineering Group

    The main focus of the research group Data & Knowledge Engineering is the development of methods for interactive information retrieval and exploration. Besides the design of adaptive user interfaces, one research topic is the development of methods to adapt a retrieval system dynamically to the needs and interests of the user. This involves the development of methods, that monitor and analyse the behaviour of individual users to obtain information about their needs and interests. This information will be used to reorganise the structure and the presentation of the considered document collection and search results in order to support users individually. In our offered courses we convey students a basic introduction in used technologies and offer manifold possibilities for collaboration in current research projects.

    Artificial Intelligence Vernissage

    07.03.2024 -

    To kick off an AI event series at the Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum Magdeburg, AI-based artworks as well as light and sound installations will be shown at an Artificial Intelligence Vernissage on 25.04.2024 from 2 to 6 pm in the Elbfabrik. By engaging with the art objects, the team aims to create impulses for the company's own application of AI. In the following weeks, numerous cost-free presentations, seminars and workshops will be offered to explain und demonstrate individual AI technologies and their application potential in more detail. Sergii Kolomiichuk (IFF), Fadi Georges (IFF) and Juliane Höbel-Müller (DKE group) are the speakers and seminar and workshop organizers.

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