Docear 1.0

17.10.2013 -

Since more than two years the PhD students Jöran Beel, Stefan Langer, and Marcel Genzmehr are working with Prof. Andreas Nürnberger on the literature management software “Docear”. Now, Docear finally leaves the Beta stage and is published as Docear 1.0.

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Dissertation Defence Béla Gipp

02.09.2013 -

On 02.09.2013, Béla Gipp has successfully defended his dissertation with the topic "Citation-based Plagiarism Detection - Applying Citation Pattern Analysis to Identify Currently Non-Machine-Detectable Disguised Plagiarism in Scientific Publications".

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Call for Papers for a Special Issue on Semantic Digital Archives

02.08.2013 -

Archival Information Systems (AIS) are becoming increasingly important. For decades, the amount of content created digitally is growing and its complete life cycle nowadays tends to remain digital. This special issue will solicit high quality papers that demonstrate exceptional achievements on Semantic Digital Archives.

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EU COST Action KEYSTONE: Semantic keyword-based search on structured data sources

24.06.2013 -

The research group participates in the EU COST Action IC1302: Semantic keyword-based search on structured data sources (KEYSTONE).

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DKE presented projects to interested pupils

30.04.2013 -

The DKE group presented at 25.04.2013, during the "Future Day" of the OVGU (Girls & Boys Day) interested pupils scientific projects. Two staff members discussed with the students and answered questions about Studies & Research.

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