Hot Topics in Information Retrieval


Cognitive Models for Image Analysis and Retrieval

On this web page, information for the seminar 'Hot Topics in Information Retrieval - Cognitive Models for Image Analysis and Retrieval', which is given during the Winter Term 2012- 2013 by Afra'a Ahmad Alyosef and Andreas Nürnberger, is provided.

Description of topics

Although the mechanisms of visual information processing by the human visual system are still partially unclear, many computational models are constructed based on current research results from cognitive sciences. This seminar aims to provide a deeper understanding of

  • Computer vision algorithms for analysing images and videos
  • Methods for simulation of the perceptual processes
  • Problems of computer vision algorithms (computer and human vision)

The following topics are in the scope of the seminar:

1.   Fundamentals

1.1   Image Feature Extraction and Analysis
1.2   Performance Evaluation of Feature Detectors and Descriptors
1.3   Segmentation Techniques
1.4   Object Detection, Recognition and Categorization

2.  Human Vision

2.1   Visual Information Processing in Human Vision (state of the art)
2.2   Cognitive Models
2.3  Object Recognition in Human Vision (neural mechanisms of object recognition)

3.  Computer Vision and Human Vision

3.1   Scale space models in Human and Computer vision
3.2   Computer Vision Models for Simulation of Biological Vision
3.3   Image Classification Approaches Inspired from Biological Perception
3.4   Saliency Maps based on Human Vision
3.5   Edge Detection in Human and Computer Vision

4.  Aspects of Image Retrieval System

4.1   Human factor in image retrieval (image queries and user needs)
4.2   Metadata (constructing Thesaurus, perceptual and conceptual indexing)

Course Schedule and Room Assignments

Title Time Start Room


09:00-11:00 18.10.2012



Introduction (English)


# Meeting Theme
Topic selection & registration
Structure delivery (Feedback)
First Version (Feedback)
Final delivery (deadline)
Reviews delivery

Course Staff

If you have any questions concerning the lectures or assignments please contact (if possible by email)

Requirements for the 'Schein'

The following criteria has to be fullfilled for the 'Schein':

  • 20 minutes presentation (+10 minutes discussion) about an elected topic (topics can be elected in the first lesson): delivery of the slides 1 week before the presentation date.
  • Active participation and reasonable discussion about the presentations.
  • Write a scientific paper (hints will be given at the beginning of the seminar), 7-10 pages: delivery of the paper 1 week before the presentation date.
  • participation in the other presentations.

If you need a 'benoteten Schein' you have to announce it in the first lesson!

Hints on the delivery

The delivery of the paper, the slides and the reports can be done by email to Please send also the source file (word or latex document). The paper and the slides have to be send one week before the presentation date by wednesday at 8:00 am. The reports have to be send one day before the presentation date of the examined talk at 8:00 am. These deadlines must be strictly adhered.


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